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Ethiopian Spelling Bee

Addis Ababa, Ethiopia

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Ethiopian Spelling Bee (Addis Ababa, Ethiopia)


Ethiopian Spelling Bee

Ethiopian Spelling Bee is an English spelling competition for students in primary and junior schools in Ethiopia, under the age of 16. This competition will help discover Ethiopia’s best young spellers; make spelling fun for children of all ages and to help parents develop their children’s’ talents as they learn.



Our aim is to help our students improve their spelling, increase their vocabulary, learn new words and correct use of the English language. Ethiopian Spelling Bee also encourages youths, parents, teachers, businesses and the community at large to participate in the development of the education process. The competition also provides students with the opportunity to develop healthy competitive skills as well as improving their self-esteem and in the process build a solid foundation for their future careers.



  1. To provide young people under the age of 16 with the opportunity to participate in a positive, competitive spelling challenge to improve their English, spelling capabilities, comprehension and communication skills;
  2. To develop self-esteem, confidence, interpersonal skills of students and the ability to thrive under pressure by exposing them to positive role models, tutors and peer support throughout the course of the preparation, championship and year round follow-up activities;
  3. To promote Cultural and Intellectual Literacy by providing them with a platform to express their spelling abilities;
  4. To promote community-based partnerships by engaging members of various communities in advancing the benefits of the Spelling Bee, getting youths involved and promoting the importance of education, especially reading comprehension and spelling;
  5. Build a network of young people who will act as peer mentors for other students; and play a key role in supporting the academic growth of students, especially in the areas of reading comprehension and spelling through collaborative partnerships with libraries, individual schools and community-based educational programs.


Benefits of Ethiopian Spelling Bee

  1. Ethiopian Spelling Bee will promote literacy by providing our children with positive goals to work on and forum to express their talents: in addition to improving spelling, learning concepts, improving comprehension and developing study skills;
  2. Children of all ages, religions, races and schools (both public & private) can participate on an equal, competitive basis;
  3. It creates friendly, sportsmanlike rivalry among children and schools;
  4. Help in acquiring knowledge but also develop cognitive skills and understanding of ideas and values;
  5. Extends beyond language: since our children are required to spell word while on stage, they also develop self –confidence, communication public speaking skills, and the ability to thrive under pressure;
  6. Opportunity to participate in a positive, competitive spelling challenge improves their use of English;
  7. Help teachers, because spelling bees improve spelling and arouse interest among the students;
  8. Interaction with students from other schools;
  9. It helps reach out to schools across the country;
  10. It helps students become more engaged in their own education.


Benefits to Schools

  1. Media Publicity and Brand Projection
  2. Ease in learning process
  3. Excellent PR for participating schools
  4. Teachers become more involved in school life seeing students outside the classroom environment


Our Approach

Ethiopian Spelling Bee is focused on improving English Language by organizing spelling competitions that will encourage children as well as adults to make conscious efforts in learning words. If students can get to learn words and know the meaning of the words, it will make them better in other aspects of English language e.g. comprehension


About Us

Ethiopian Spelling Bee is an initiative from Ethiopian American Spelling Bee. Through this medium, we strive to promote academic excellence, to develop human resources, and above all to help children of Ethiopian origin and their family achieve success regardless of religion, gender and geographic origin.

These educational contests in Ethiopia are designed to encourage and provide supportive and positive learning environment in which every child has the opportunity to develop life lasting skills, which in turn fosters self-confidence and personal growth. We are a committed supporter of education, which is why the Spelling Bee Competition is one of a series of our nationwide initiatives to help inspire children to achieve greater heights in education.

The Ethiopian Spelling Bee is the first spelling competition of its kind that affords the Ethiopian youths the chance to express their mastery of spelling and to be part of a high profile nationwide contest with other youths around the country.


Competition Information

The Ethiopian Spelling Bee is a nationwide contest for brilliant and courageous children under the age of 16 in primary and junior schools in Ethiopia who are enthusiastic to compete in front of a large audience. It will be a positive and competitive spelling challenge. This competition will involve families of the participants, the entire school he/she represents and a viewing audience that cuts across all age categories.



Addis Ababa, Ethiopia



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