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The Eleos Project

Pune, Maharashtra, India

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The Eleos Project (Pune, Maharashtra, India)

‘The Eleos Project’ was founded by Ninad Thakur and co-founded by Riya Pathak in 2020, with an intention to Support and Empower today’s generation. Ninad is a certified Mentor and Facilitator and has been working in this field for the past 5 years. Riya is also a trained Youth Mentor. Both of them together have facilitated sessions nationally as well as internationally and have worked with people from diverse age groups.

Team Eleos BELIEVES in catalyzing change through Compassionate Leadership and Collaboration. Today’s Youth is highly capable and with the right support and inspiration, they can flourish. Team Eleos works just for that.

We collaborate with Educational Institutions and International Organizations to organize Workshops, Programs and Initiatives for the students. These workshops focus on various topics related to Personal Development and Compassionate Leadership.

Eleos is one of the organizers of the Collaborating For Compassion Global Movement, along with Charter for Compassion and the Foundation for Peace and Compassionate Leadership. We organize Workshops for all the schools participating in this movement.

We at Eleos, believe in the power of Compassionate Leadership and Community Service. Hence, we work towards catalyzing Sustainable Change by creating an environment for Young Leaders to Learn, Collaborate and Grow.



Pune, Maharashtra