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Filling in the GAPS

Hephzibah, GA, USA

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Filling in the GAPS (Hephzibah, GA, USA)

Our Mission

The mission of Filling in the GAPS, LLC is to offer education, advocacy, and support for individuals and families affected by mental health and disabilities.

In pursuit of our mission, we strive to:

decrease the stigmas associated with mental health AND disabilities through increased awareness and education.

create spaces where individuals feel inspired to "show up" as their authentic selves in safe, supported environments.

provide programs and opportunities that promote holistic personal development.


Our Vision

We envision a community where all people regardless of race, disability, gender, age, economic status, religion or sexual orientation have access to appropriate resources to help them achieve their full potential.


Our Core Programs

Tutoring/Skill Development

Mental Health Advocacy

Leadership/Empowerment Programs

Training/ Speakers Bureau

Authentic/Restorative Dialogue Series


Tutoring / Skill Development

Tutoring Services for K-12 and adult populations.

Executive Functioning Skill Development



Mental Health Advocacy

Youth & Adult Outreach and Support

-Social/Emotional programs that teach self-advocacy skills

-Teen Group specific to combating social anxiety through targeted community immersion to practice skills


Leadership / Empowerment

Confessions of a Lady- Empowerment Program for Women

I AM FAB (Fierce, Anointed, and Blessed)- Empowerment Program for Youth

HEstory- Empowerment Program for Men

TALONS-Empowerment Program for Individuals with Disabilities


Restorative Dialogue Series

Filling in the GAPS LLC seeks to help communities, organizations, groups, schools and families engage in authentic dialogues about topics that are often hard to talk about such as race, disabilities, mental health and to help orchestrate ways that we can collectively work together to reverse the narrative from ignorance and bias towards compassion and understanding for our communities.


In a gentle way, you can shake the world.

The best way to find yourself is to lose yourself in the service of others.

~ Mahatma Gandhi



Hephzibah, GA, USA


Contact Us

Onnie Poe


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Facebook page: Filling in the Gaps



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