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Films for the Planet

Pleasant Valley, CA, USA

Partners F-J

Films for the Planet (Pleasant Valley, CA, USA)

Films for the Planet supports courageous and imaginative interaction through the catalyst of film. We support​ the work of artists and filmmakers working in the philanthropic, environmental and social impact sectors, acting in a promotional capacity connecting people to films that will assist them in their journey as catalysts for positive change. We believe good content can create waves of change by sparking learning, conversation, action and participation. To that end, we facilitate and co-create thematic film programs for communities, educators, and organizational networks around the world. We invite you to explore exciting ideas for 21 century storytelling that activates diverse audiences around collective action while supporting the streaming distribution of high-quality digital content designed for discovery, perpetual learning, and citizen engagement.

Our flagship organization, Compathos (501c3) fulfills its mission to educate, inspire and raise awareness by producing award-winning films, student media expeditions, immersive, interactive media, and events such as the Film with Social Impact Director Series and RELEVATE Film Forum.  We’ve worked with a host of non-profits, social change artists, indie filmmakers, entrepreneurs and movement-makers in combined efforts to create positive change through media impact.  Our community of award-winning creative professionals recognize the power of arts, media and entertainment as a dynamic force for transformation and social good.  You are invited to browse our gallery – a media-rich story tapestry of over 1500 awareness raising resources on our Compathos publishing platform.

Stories Connect Us.  Be part of the story and embark on a high stakes adventure – as we join together on a personal and collective quest for a thrivable future.






Films or the Planet



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