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Global Compassion Coalition

San Rafael, CA, USA

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Global Compassion Coalition (San Rafael, CA, USA)

Our Mission

Together, we’ll build a world based on compassion

We’re creating a global movement for compassion.

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Our mission is to build a world based on compassion

A world where people and nature are cared for and supported so that both can thrive and prosper.

We know the challenge we face. Right now millions are living in poverty, the climate is under threat, and loneliness, anxiety, and depression are on the rise.

But we also know, thanks to decades of scientific research, that we have the capacity to meet that challenge and achieve our mission.

Humans are wired for compassion and when that potential is cultivated and celebrated, amazing things happen

Compassion gives us the strength, wisdom, and courage to attend to suffering, build bridges, and diffuse conflict. It increases our own and other people’s happiness, fosters connection, and provides meaning. 

Imagine if that power could be harnessed. Imagine if we could inspire individuals, organisations, and governments to act from a place of compassion, to attend to suffering, and build communities of care and belonging. 

This is the job of the Global Compassion Coalition.


We are BIG

We are bringing together millions of people from across our planet to call and work for a world based on compassion and justice.



We know that the causes of suffering – poverty, inequality, climate crisis, and discrimination in all its forms – are deep-rooted and long-standing. We work to address these problems at their root.



Through our size, the diversity of our members, and the urgency of our call we will build an irresistible movement for change. 



San Rafael, CA, USA 



Global Compassion Coalition



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