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Global Ubuntu

Lilburn, GA, USA

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Global Ubuntu (Lilburn, GA, USA)

Global Ubuntu envisions a just and peaceful world where everyone is welcomed, valued, and feels safe to thrive for their highest potential.

As such, we provide a variety of trainings and facilitated dialogues grounded in adult education and asset-based approaches. We also convene dialogues and/or conversations on issues that groups feel strongly about.

Whether we are providing a training or facilitating a dialogue, we actively listen to strong feelings to identify participant's motivations to act. We value creating a safe space where people can share knowledge and create collective wisdom for their respective circles or groups. Our training can be applied in a variety of environments, including government agencies, corporations, nonprofit organizations, schools, communities, neighborhoods, and beyond. We follow up our training with coaching to ensure that everyone meets their desired goals.


Principles that we value:

  • Every discipline and profession is a potential contributor to  one’s life, organization or community.
  • Purposeful dialogue within families, schools, nonprofit organizations, corporations, and communities will increase the potential for learning from each other and enhance productivity.  
  • Everyone has the right to participate in decisions that impact their current and future well-being.
  • Everyone is a catalyst and leader wherever they are, e.g., in their families, at work, at school, and in their communities. They are the best change agents for their own well-being and the well-being of others in these circles.



Lilburn, GA, USA



Global Ubuntu



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