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Go Green World

Glen Waverly, Victoria, Australia

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Go Green World (Glen Waverly, Victoria, Australia)

Everyone has equal right to smile and live quality of life. All of the world religion leads to the path of happiness, unity, caring and compassion. It is our duty to be compassionate with others. Treat other the way we want ourselves to be treated. By making sure that the entire humanity is able to have a good quality of life means we are harnessing the power of humanity to create future generations that are intellectually strong, have good faith and are united so that the world can progress towards the path of happiness and success. We believe that it is our responsibility to ensure that people who suffer should be given the opportunity to come out of the their unfortunate situation and should be able to live decent quality of life. We all should work towards improving the quality of life of those in need regardless where they are in the world.


Our Vision

“Our vision is to preserve natural resources, find alternatives and to support those who are in real need.”


Our Objectives

  • Promote eco-friendly, organic, trendy and sustainable products
  • Reduce, Reuse and Recycle: Avoid plastic & petroleum based products
  • Business Model is based on the principle of Sustainable Development
  • Support more environmentally friendly and healthy lifestyle
  • Create affiliation with NGOs, Village communities and other such institutions that will help poor families to look to a better future and empower women at risk.



Glen Waverly, Victoria, Australia



Go Green World

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