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Green Pregnancy

Washington, MD, USA

Partners F-J

Green Pregnancy (Washington, MD, USA)

We Connect Health, Wellness & the Environment

We believe that wellness is not a concept strictly limited to our physical health, but a harmonious condition that encompasses all facets of our lives. Wellness does not begin and end with our bodies, but also permeates our minds and environment. Although the connection may not be obvious, the wellness of our environment greatly influences our own health. And in turn, our personal attitudes about wellness affect our environment, as well as the people around us. Many of us, however, have not had the opportunity to grow up in circumstances where all-around wellness was valued and encouraged.

Warner OBGYN and Cosmetic Surgery is committed to caring for our clients in their entirety, as well as giving back to the community. In addition to our innovative and effective procedures, we offer a variety of health and wellness consultation services designed to build a restorative, holistic lifestyle. We also support charities that are striving to make a positive difference in the world, and pledge to donate 3% of our profits to their endeavors. The ultimate goal of this project is to benefit the community not only through treatments, but by also reinforcing the value of wellness in a manner that will breathe new life into traditionally-held beliefs about health, fitness and community. 



Washington, DC, USA



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