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Guild of Health

London, United Kingdom

Partners F-J

Guild of Health (London, UK)

Our passion - for over a century - is Christian Healing and Wholeness: bringing Christian spirituality and healthcare together; striving for care and compassion.


  • hold Teaching Days on healing, wholeness, prayer and spirituality, often at large venues across the country.
  • hold London Day Seminars often at St Marylebone Parish Church NW1 5LT on healing themes.
  • hold Quiet Days and Retreats.
  • hold regular Healing Services.
  • publish a magazine, Way of Life & booklets.
  • support Groups for meditation & intercession.
  • will hold anyone in prayer.
  • support St Marylebone Healing & Counselling Centre.
  • support The Project for Spirituality, Theology & Health at Durham University, which seeks to bring together medical professionals and clergy in exploring practices of spiritual healing and understanding of well-being.
  • support the research work of Burrswood Christian Hospital via a grant for research into CFS / ME



London, United Kingdom



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