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Halcyon Healing Center

Carthage, NC, USA

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Halcyon Healing Center (Carthage, NC, USA)

Halcyon/HHC is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit business designed to allow military trauma survivors opportunities to decompress, find a reprieve from intensity, and discover posttraumatic growth and flourishing. Based at the 18-acre Glenbaer Farm, LLC, in Carthage, North Carolina, Halcyon provides horsemanship, positive immersion, and decompression opportunities through use of a particular type of mindfulness. By utilizing “flow states,” as coined by the lifetime work of Dr.Csikszentmihalyi and others, the after-effects of trauma can often be lessened through an experiential framework of immersion, decompression, and growth. 

At this time, the team consists of internationally-renowned research and clinical psychologists, psychiatrists, licensed clinical social workers, service members and veterans across the branches and ranks, multiple professionals familiar with trauma, and souls who have experienced the journey of healing. With an inclusive mindset of acceptance and understanding, unique opportunities abound to allow souls to work towards healing on their journey.

Likewise, Andrea's ongoing research and writing about moral injury and trauma have reinforced the need for an inclusive program offering respect, autonomy, acceptance, ownership, and choosing to engage. As discussed by Dr. Edward Tick ("Warrior's Return"), warriors must be allowed to complete the natural cycle of healing after combat. In essence, Halcyon is part of a global network of resources to allow individuals to discover their personal pathway towards flourishing and posttraumatic growth.



Carthage, NC, USA




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