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Hearts in Healthcare

Auckland, New Zealand

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Hearts in Healthcare (Auckland, New Zealand)

HEARTS in HEALTHCARE is an inspirational community of health professionals, students, patient advocates, health leaders, and many others who are champions for compassionate care. We believe bringing like-minded people together is the first step to re-humanizing healthcare around the world.


Our aims are simple

  • To encourage health workers to reconnect to the heart of their practice
  • Allow compassionate caring to rise above institutional rules and limitations
  • Promote and encourage whole-person care that serves the needs of patient and families
  • Explore together what is best in healthcare and inspire new communities of practice in compassionate caring
  • Increase the happiness, well-being and resilience of all our members
  • Create the world’s most inspiring community of health professionals, students, patient advocates and leaders, working together in a worldwide movement to transform healthcare from within



Auckland, New Zealand



Hearts in Healthcare



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