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I Feel Empowered

London, England, UK

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I Feel Empowered (London, England, UK)

Supreet is the founder of ‘I Feel Empowered’ and a passionate mother. She created this bespoke program with the vision & mission to equip young children with tools that will empower them to lead extraordinary lives and to inspire as many parents to achieve a fulfilling life, raise the future generation that’s emotionally strong and do all of this and more while having an enriching and accomplished professional and personal life.

She is passionate about working with young working parents and helping them understand the importance of their most essential responsibility – being a parent and Raising the Future Generation. She has been working hard on establishing the importance of our creative power as human beings and our participation in our own evolution.

Supreet is a  Certified International Coach (ICA, Australia), Child Development Counsellor (Vimhans, India) and qualified Advanced Pranic Healer (Institute of Pranic Healing, UK).

For the last 17 years, she has been working with children and teenagers in helping them overcome their fears and resolving the labyrinth of conflicting thoughts and providing them a seamless transition as they grow from babies to young adults, bringing more clarity in their thoughts.

She strives and takes pride in providing holistic solutions and growth by combining her coaching skills for mental and psychological wellbeing and Pranic healing for physical wellness.

Supreet’s accomplishments include conducting a mentoring and career clinic event in support of Women of the World (WOW) hosted by Cambridge University at Cambridge (UK) which was attended by more than 200 women.

Supreet has successfully lead and actively participated in ‘Childhood Issues’ at industry forums in addition to counselling over 50 children at Chaucer School, Fleetwood, UK and more than 300 children in leading schools of India.

Why now these classes?

  • Supreet is particularly passionate about offering these much-needed services as her years of research highlights a big gap in our education system/curriculum where children are not introduced early enough to their own inner resources or wisdom. Supreet strongly believes that this is something that should be a part of their learning journey early on. This allows the children to experience their inherent guiding system to be able to distinguish between right and wrong.
  • We should teach our children to be truly happy [in spite of the different negative situations coming our way] and be filled with gratitude for the smallest of offerings of life. By enabling children to use their own energy body to become physically and mentally stronger, they are able to increase their intuitive power [a higher level of focus and concentration] to better design and conquer their lives.
  • In today’s digital world, there is so much at our fingertips and so much to learn.
  • Supreet designed Meta-Learning – which teaches children how to learn better and faster. Through special guided meditations followed by specially designed interactive classes, Supreet and her team guide the younger generation towards becoming well-rounded adults who have high EQ, High self-assurance and are well rooted and grounded in self-worth and love. This eliminates a whole host of issues as they grow up to become healthier adults in body and mind giving them an incredible head start to living a life of success and harmony.

If all of the above is well integrated into our education system, Supreet believes the world will not experience the many Mental illnesses that are prevalent today, globally.



London, England, UK