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Farmington, MI, USA

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InLight (Farmington, MI, USA)

What if you knew that there are simple steps that you can take each day to improve every aspect of your Life?

Energy Healer and Intuitive, Elaine Grohman can help your Spirit Awaken so you can begin to live your best Life.

Elaine teaches people how to establish and maintain a direct connection to our Living Earth, literally helping us to “stand on solid ground.” Body. Mind. Spirit. And Emotions. This provides an understanding that there are simple things that can be done every day, throughout the day, to loosen the grip of worn out thinking, unhealthy beliefs and limiting emotions. Healing is an inside job and we need healthy thinking and actions to influence our choices so that we can begin to heal our world and ourselves.



Farmington Hills, MI, USA



Elaine Grohman



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