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Integrative Re-Sources

Duluth, MN, USA

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Integrative Re-Sources (Duluth, MN, USA)

Integrative Re-Sources, CEO, Kami Norland, MA, ATR is a national and international speaker and facilitator with over 20 years of experience in healthcare, specifically rural and mental health. After years of traveling across the US working with state and federal governments, small rural hospitals, rural health clinics and networks, and numerous community-led initiatives on needs assessments, strategic planning, and policy development/translation, Norland identified a systemic need to prioritize mental wellbeing and resilience practices into organizational cultures as she observed too many people compromising their health for their job.  The need was so strong, Norland founded Integrative Re-Sources, LLC combining her expertise in strategic planning and community development with her knowledge and education of resilience, positive psychology and mind-body medicine.

Integrative Re-Sources, LLC began in 2015 as a franchise of Dr. Amit Sood's Global Center of Resilience and Wellbeing, alongside the Mayo Clinic providing Stress Management and Resiliency Training (SMART) courses.

In 2017, Norland attended Harvard Medical School's Benson-Henry Mind-Body Institute, studying the teachings of  many notable subject matter experts, including Dr. John Kabat Zinn, most known for his Mindfulness-Based Stress Reduction (MBSR) program and Dr. Amy Cuddy,  most known for her book Presence. Both of which, have been impactful in the formation of workshops and programming

In 2019, Norland and Mary Ann Boe, Deva Nation, partnered to become the United States' representatives of the Public Health Palliative Care International Compassionate Community model developed by Dr. Julian Abel &  Dr. Allan Kellehear.

Our mission is to strengthen professional & community capacity to lead with compassion.

Our values are to  exercise the 5Cs of Star Leadership: Compassion, Courage, Curiosity, Connection, and Consistency. We prioritize people's mental wellbeing and the wellbeing of the planet.

We recognize systemic change happens at the speed of trust and want to earn your trust in helping us collectively spread compassion for one another.

A community's greatest asset is the health and resilience of its people. Being intentional about our health and aligning our values with actions, simply, makes --cents! 



Duluth, Minnesota, USA



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