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Interfaith Vegan Coalition

Lawrence, Kansas, USA

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Interfaith Vegan Coalition (Lawrence, Kansas, USA)

The interfaith Vegan Coalition declares that all life is sacred and interconnected. Our mission is to work with people of all faith and secular wisdom traditions to end human-caused violence, domination, and exploitation toward all beings. Finding that most traditions, at their core encourage nonviolence, loving-kindness, and harmlessness toward all life, the Interfaith Vegan Coalition will assist these traditions to bring their ideals to fruition. This includes promoting vegan living, which makes it possible for all beings to thrive and be free.


The Need

Sadly, animal suffering and exploiting is the status quo. Millions of animals around the world suffer as objects of entertainment, food, experiments, clothing, or throwaway creatures pushed out of habitat, by human expansion.

Most people denounce animal suffering. In Defense of Animals has developed a unique approach to sow seeds of compassion to end cruelty. We strive to instill a new balance, in awaken awareness, and foster harmony -- between animals, humans, and the environment.


Our Mission

To defend animals, humans and the environment from abuses and exploitation, and to foster peace between all life. We educate and expose animal abuse as a root cause, symptom, and early predictor of wider societal violence. We advocate change in laws, human behavior, and enlightenment in the need to protect lives, advance rights, improve welfare, and steward environmental protection. We care for and rehabilitate lost, orphaned, abandoned, and abused animals inside three main sanctuaries. 

We believe communication is essential for sustainable activism. In Defense of Animals models relaxed tenacity, determined compassion and peaceful transformation: within the individual, within organizations, and within the movement of animal protection. We work together to challenge the status quo and replace a world-view of innate human domination, violence, and superiority of a higher human identity over other sentient beings.


Our Vision

Our vision is to transform the world, elevate everyone’s innate potential, and teach sacred respect for all life forms. We promote harmony and peaceful relationships between humans, animals, and the environment that sustains all life forms.

We commit ourselves to awaken the world to life free of exploitation — of animals, humans and the environment; a place where conflicts are rarely expressed. In Defense of Animals aims to become a role model that acts from a balanced center of creative compassion, adapts with empathy, and fosters harmonious relationship between animals, humans and the environment.

Compassion resides in every human heart. As we spread our positive message, our movement grows stronger. This positive feedback cycle encourages more and more people to join our animal advocacy, grows our political power, and reduces all life suffering worldwide.

With help like yours, we are making the world a better place for animals, humans and the environment.



Lawrence, Kansas, USA



Interfaith Vegan Coalition

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