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International Charter for Human Values in Healthcare Initiative

Hong Kong, China

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International Charter for Human Values in Healthcare Initiative (Hong Kong, China)

We Invite You To Become a Partner

The International Charter for Human Values in Healthcare is a collaborative effort involving people, countries, organizations and institutions around the world, working together to restore the human dimensions of care – the universal core values that should be present in every healthcare interaction – to healthcare around the world. These human values include compassion, respect, integrity, ethical practice, excellence, justice and others.  The Charter’s call to action has inspired organizations and people around the world to focus on restoring human values to all healthcare interactions.

Our Partners endorse and support the values listed in the International Charter for Human Values in Healthcare. They are working in a variety of ways to improve healthcare by making the Charter’s universal human values a priority, placing these universal human values at the center, and making them the goal of every effort in healthcare.

Please join us in this international effort!  If you would like to become a Partner and be listed on this page, please email the following information to us.

Name and email of a contact person for your organization (not for publication on the website); name of your organization, a short description of your organization; your organization’s mission; and the website address of your organization.

When approved, we will place your organization’s information on the website to enable you to connect and network with like-minded organizations.



Hong Kong, China



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