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Irish Hospice Foundation

Dublin, Ireland

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Irish Hospice Foundation (Dublin, Ireland)

The Irish Hospice Foundation was set up in 1986 to fund and help develop specific hospice services. Over time, our work has expanded to embrace the needs of people dying in hospitals, at home and in other care settings, as well as those who cannot easily access hospice care because of the nature of their illness.

We also promote discussion of a broad range of issues related to dying, death and bereavement, in order to identify what matters most to Irish people at the end of life, and how best to address their concerns.

Our mission is to achieve dignity, comfort and choice for all people facing the end of life.

We believe that good end-of-life care is embodied by the hospice approach, which prioritises dignity and respect, seeks to relieve pain and distress, and facilitates people to live life as fully as possible to the end.

Governed by a Board of Directors, the Irish Hospice Foundation is funded through its own fundraising and the generosity of supporters, and receives no core funding from the State.

We are among the first Irish charities to commit to the new voluntary code of practice which provides clear guidelines for those who run charitable organisations. 



Dublin, Ireland



Irish Hospice Foundation

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