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JLS Vision Services

Atlanta, GA, USA

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JLS Vision Services (Atlanta, GA, USA)

Jessica Smith - Your Coach & Consultant

Hi, My name is Jessica Smith. I was born and raised in Grand Rapids, Michigan. I have resided in metro Atlanta with my two sons and dog for over 11 years. During the past 11 years, I have worked in a private wealth advisory practice for financial services as the office manager and a financial advisor. I also have an Associate’s degree in Applied Arts and Sciences in the area of Corrections and I am a Certified Professional Life Coach.

Oftentimes, people are great at what they do and that is what their focus is on. However, in order to have a business and life that works, you also need a foundation that supports your structure and what it is that you deliver to your clients. If you have a business or a project and you need some assistance surrounding the implementation of efficiencies for your foundation, that’s where I come in. I provide certified professional life coaching, business consulting and virtual services. I am passionate about the delivery of impeccable customer service and everyone getting whatever it is that they desire.

I focus on listening to what my clients communicate their goals are and then I assist them in creating what they envision. I work with my clients to assist them in coming up with processes, procedures and organizational systems that work for them. I also provide some virtual services to support my clients in staying efficient and organized which allows them to continue to focus on doing what they love. My goal is to leave my clients delighted with what they’ve created.

Please contact me to set up a consultation to see what we can create together for you. I look forward to beginning the journey with you and assisting you in creating whatever you envision!



Atlanta, GA, USA



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