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Joint Forces Alliance

Mansfield, United Kingdom

Partners F-J

Joint Forces Alliance (Mansfield, United Kingdom)

History and Background

The JFA was conceived by Veterans, their personal experiences of finding appropriate help in there local community with problems of housing/homelessness, mental health (including PTSD, alcohol and substance abuse) was fractious and disjointed. Furthermore, anecdotal evidence and primary research found this situation prevalent in a high proportion of the serving military, ex-military, reserves and their families throughout the UK.

Clear evidence for a single body to unify an uncoordinated system and galvanise the efforts of Government agencies, ex-service, third sector charities and public sector organisations to support the needs of this client group was obvious and overwhelming. The problems are clearly worsening but the challenge remains!


Brief Description of Activities

Acting as a hub centre the JFA will access and facilitate the appropriate type and level of information, resource and assistance for and between the client, the military, ex-service, third and public/private sector organisations in the areas of housing/homelessness, mental and physical health issues, education, jobs and training within the clients chosen local community. Once identified as a veteran in need a package of support will be offered in the shortest possible timeframe.

To all that have served we Honour that service. 

In everything we do, we act compassionately and that has a dramatic effect, not only with the people we help, but also with the people that are doing the helping. Lives really do change, I see this every day, through everyone doing that little more to understand what compassion means to them, and to own that. Massive changes to attitudes and quality of life has to follow. And it does.



Mansfield, NTT, United Kingdom



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