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Just Bakery of Atlanta

Atlanta, GA, USA

Partners F-J

Just Bakery of Atlanta (Atlanta, GA, USA)

Just Bakery of Atlanta is a non-profit bakery that provides job training, certification, and a living wage to our refugee bakers. We partner with our bakers to build diverse and life-giving community, deepen understanding, and increase compassion. 
Just Bakery is designed to address hurdles to refugees' long-term economic security and stability as they rebuild home in the Atlanta-metro area.  Those hurdles are lack of access to continuing education, job training, living wage employment, and a diverse cross-section of the surrounding community.  
Just Bakery is first and foremost a non-profit organization, and our business components and sales profits directly support our efforts to open doors of opportunity for our bakers and nurture our growing multi-cultural and interfaith community.  Each of our baked goods includes at least one featured "Good for You" ingredient that is locally sourced, sustainably produced, and/or fairly or directly traded.  In this way, buying from Just Bakery allows customers to eat well and do good on several levels.  Look for our goods in faith communities, markets, and organizations near you, or contact us and invite us to sell at your event or gathering.  



Atlanta, GA, USA



Just Bakery Atlanta

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