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London, United Kingdom

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Karavan (London, UK)

Karavan is a mobile app that facilitates skill/service exchanges between refugees & citizens using a points system.

More than 65 million people are displaced worldwide. One of the greatest challenges facing society is how best to build harmonious and tolerant communities. With the rise of xenophobic nationalism, the potential for a united humanity is threatened.

However, studies show that countless psychological benefits arise from the feeling of achievement associated with working, as well as from nurturing meaningful relationships.

Prohibited from earning money, asylum seekers are left with few social arenas in which to make friends, leading them to feel disconnected, isolated, and demoralized. They are unique individuals with skills and talents. They want to resume normal lives, feel productive — and most of all, feel a sense of belonging in their new communities.

At Karavan, our aim is to break down walls by enabling citizens and refugees to interact as equally empowered participants in a mutually beneficial transaction


How it Works

User create profiles detailing the skills and services they would like to offer using our safe and secure network. This could be anything from cooking and language lessons to legal advice, web-design and mental support.


The Founder

Soraya is a BA/MA student at Columbia University, double-majoring in Film and Middle Eastern studies and specializing in post-colonial marginalization, displacement and migration. She advocates passionately about veganism, environmentalism and issues of exploitation through her website, online store and creative projects. She also studies several languages, and enjoys making documentary films and music.

After having spent time studying, researching, visiting camps and interacting with refugees in Jordan and Europe (including “The Jungle”, northern France’s notorious unofficial refugee camp), Soraya sought an interdisciplinary approach to the crisis, spanning the humanitarian, political and academic realms.

She wanted to develop an innovative tech solution that had significant scaleability; to create a global movement. The aim was to supersede typical humanitarian responses, which are sometimes demeaning or unsustainable.



London, United Kingdom



Crowdfunding campaign: LaunchGood
Facebook page: Refugee Work Exchange
Instagram: @karavansary 
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