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Kepac Children's Home And Volunteering Program

Kamapala, Uganda

Partners K-O

Kepac Children's Home And Volunteering Program (Kamapala, Uganda)

"CHANGE! It's me! It's you with love an faith! Believe we can make the world a better place!"

Kepac works to fight child abuse & sexual abuse. is a community basic organization to change



To work with all other social ,religions/relief Organizations, individuals, and bodies, and local governmental projects within the targeted areas, In addition to that, to transform the lives of Orphans, vulnerable children, disabled persons, and aged people by taking them out of anonymity and helping them to become healthy, independent and productive members of the community.. if people can help to grow our mission, its a pressure that we need clothes, books, pens, funds, and every thing can work to a child is welcome.



Kepac is non governmental organization registered with the Directorate of Wakiso District under the department of community welfare services with corporate headquarters in Kazo central Zone committed and inspired to address, and alleviate the increasing impacts of HIV/AIDS pandemic, that has caused untold sufferings, poverty, and dehumanization throughout Uganda. Kepac is running HIV/AIDS prevention, care and support programs with a wide range of activities including public a wareness campaigns, back to school for 100 orphans and vulnerable youth plus economic empowerment of 50 caretakers/widows living and affected to HIV and AIDS. We also have environment, sanitation and human rights protection programs.


KEPAC Family

At KEAPC we treat our selves and live as a family, we share work, love, passion, fun, joy, commitments and solve different personal problems and advise with in. This is comprised of all KEAPC members and friends from different parts of the Uganda and the world.

We feel gratitude towards our friends and volunteers who are willing to join the family and excitement about our ability and potential to significantly reduce the impact of HIV/AIDS and poverty in the communities. Sharing what we have – no matter how much – is a fundamental and highly valued human trait. All of us at KEPAC are dedicated to fulfilling our commitments to the communities we support. It is our goal to share with others so that vulnerable families of these communities have the best possible chance to experience full, healthy lives and welfare. We feel fortunate to have the support of so many friends who share our concerns.


Family Mission

“Having the largest family in the world with long lasting commitment towards making a difference in the lives of the most poor”.


Family Motto

“its no too late to change" (IT'S NEVER TOO LATE TO TURN)



Kamapala, Uganda



Facebook page: Kepac Childrens Home And Volunteering Programme



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