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Know Thy Self

Falmouth, United Kingdom

Partners K-O

Know Thy Self (Falmouth, United Kingdom)

Know Thy Self is a Conscious Evolution Centre in Falmouth (also a spiritual shop with a gallery of Visionary Art). Ms. Caroline Jones' background includes many years as an alternative/complimentary therapist and counsellor (Reiki, Tarot, crystal/shamanic healing, and more), publisher of a spiritual magazine, and various other hands-on and PR roles within personal/spiritual-development fields.   

Know Thy Self offers Karuna® Reiki Treatments every Wednesday, for just £10 per person - and no one is ever turned away if they are in financial difficulty! Karuna means 'compassion', and it particularly benefits sensitive souls, who may be struggling in today's harsh society, especially those who may have developed certain 'coping' mechanisms, such as addicts and other self-harmers. For that reason, we are aiming to get our services out to as many people as we can. 

We offer many other services through a range of practitioners, all dedicated to serving humanity's rising consciousness and individuals' well-being, and we stand as a hub or beacon for developing souls to unite, co-operate, and/or find solace and information."   



Falmouth, Cornwall, UK



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