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Falmouth, United Kingdom

Partners K-O

LifeMOT (Falmouth, United Kingdom)

Delivering training to Businesses and Communities in Cornwall - LifeMOT is a not for profit Social Enterprise, this means that any profit made by LifeMOT goes directly back into developing and delivering free courses for community projects within Cornwall. It give us our “Feel Good Factor."

We are committed to building robust businesses, managers and employees, developing strong communities, encouraging healthy and more active people and improving life skills. LifeMOT Trainers are all experienced Neuro-Linguistic Programming Practitioners (NLP) and Personal Development Trainers. Our courses or one to one sessions are based on practical and theory based techniques that will inspire and motivate you to achieve your goals.

We support effective Partnership working with other like-minded organisations to effectively support and signpost you to progress and we believe that everyone should have access to training that will help them to develop life skills and improve their lifestyle.

I love to see that spark when someone realises that there is something that they can do to change their life.

~ A Coote


“We believe that every individual has the ability to achieve the best out of their lives. Be inspired and empowered to create a healthy balance for work and homelife”



Falmouth, Cornwall, UK





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