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Menopause Self Care (MSC) CIC

Penzance, United Kingdom

Partners K-O

Menopause Self Care (Penzance, UK)

We are each unique and our experience of menopausal years as unique. We can make it a journey of self-care and self-discovery. We are the decision makers in our lives; we choose whether we defer to others or consciously research the options available to us. Self-care during menopause is about being self-response-able and self-responsible. Our active self-care thoughts and actions help make our changing transition a strengthening and empowering time. 

As women, we are often the central caring core of our families, friends, and communities. It is important that we are able to be compassionate and care for ourselves, too. When we really look after ourselves, we naturally influence our loved ones to care for themselves. We increase 'compassion on the ground'. And, as we age, we contribute to building a new world, based on our hearts, rather than our heads. Our wisdom is distilled. As we journey through life with self-awareness, self-care and compassion perhaps we will inspire ourselves and others in our lives to love and believe in themselves as they naturally age.



Penzance, United Kingdom



Menopause Self Care



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