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Mother Earth Project

Bethesda, MD, USA

Partners K-O

Mother Earth Project (Bethesda, MD, USA)

A Global Environment-Saving Initiative • Creating and Activating Sustainable Communities

Mother Earth Project™, MEP, encourages people worldwide to lead more sustainable lives, filled with daily acts of saving and protecting the environment. Using artwork as the catalyst for bringing people together, MEP encourages schools and communities to create Parachutes For The Planet, circular works of art that are a metaphor for bringing the world back to a safe place. Once created, these communities commit to implementing sustainable activities that positively impact their environment, such as switching to LED bulbs, asking restaurants to not use plastic products, and owning a reusable water bottle. MEP also places Mother Earth sculptures in major cities spanning all of the continents. These sculptures are the Symbol of Sustainability, a physical footprint of the project. Their locations are sites for sustainability events.



Bethesda, MD, USA



Mother Earth Project

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