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New Sanctuary Movement of Atlanta

Decatur, GA, USA

Partners K-O

New Sanctuary Movement of Atlanta (Decatur, GA, USA)

The Sanctuary Movement of Atlanta (SMA) is an interfaith, multicultural immigrant rights organization.

We welcome the participation of individuals and congregations who covenant with us to affirm that:

  • All human beings are loved by their creator and deserving of a safe place to live, work, and worship without fear, without regard to nationality, ethnicity, religion, economic status, immigration status, gender, ability, age, or sexual orientation;
  • We have a responsibility to ensure the welfare of all in our decision making, and to hold the governments of city, county, state, and country accountable;
  • We advocate for laws that ensure the rights of immigrants.
  • We reject using power or speech to bully, intimidate, threaten, or cause emotional or physical violence.



Decatur, GA, USA



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