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Open Arts Minnesota

Mankato, MN, USA

Partners K-O

Open Arts Minnesota (Mankato, MN, USA)

Open Arts Minnesota's mission is to provide inclusive artistic opportunities to people of all ages and abilities in a supportive, compassionate environment from which, to explore and utilize the arts for personal expression and development and to advocate for social issues important to the people who participate.

Open Arts Minnesota creates and fosters inclusive artistic activities for people of all abilities and ages who are seeking opportunities to discover their unique creative gifts, develop and practice skills, and share their creations in a supportive, compassionate environment. 

People of all abilities have the opportunity to discover, practice and share their unique gifts and talents in a safe, compassionate environment.

Our mission emphasizes opportunities for people to work in collaboration with their community through performances, fundraisers and other activities using an integrative approach.

We champion innocative, inclusive ideas that support the development of leadership, confidence, friendship, and community connections through artistic expression.

We work together to ensure that all people are included in the artistic activity through actor shadowing, mentoring and accommodations as needed. People have a variety of artistic opportunities available to choose from including theatre, poetry, dance and other artistic expressions.



Mankato, MN, USA



Open Arts Minnesota



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