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Persevere Until Something Happens

Johannesburg, South Africa

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Persevere Until Something Happens (P.U.S.H) (Johannesburg, SOUTH AFRICA)

Our world is shrinking by the day. Global travel, a global economy and advancing technology have drawn the world together more than ever before.

But something else ties our world together- The AIDS crisis, which can no longer be viewed as “someone else’s problem.”

This crisis is a “cloud of fear and sorrow” that surrounds much of our world and calls out to us for a response. The pain caused by the massive impact of HIV and AIDS is immense.

The organization Persevere Until Something Happens (PUSH) was established in May 2001. It is registered as a Non Profit Organization with the Department of Social Development. PUSH is based in Eldorado Park, which is situated 25km South West of Johannesburg. Eldorado Park is surrounded by four informal settlement areas and has an approximate population of 550,000 to 600,000 people. 

PUSH was established by the realization that there exists a need in the community to initiate “within reach” treatment, Support centers and services to meet the need of the community, to fight against the escalating HIV/AIDS pandemic. Centers strongly support the decentralization of community based AIDS programs.

This will enable community based AIDS projects to build capacity within the community to educate, build awareness, train, treat and monitor interventions to combat the epidemic. PUSH is not replacing existing Treatment and Care Centers but rather is a supplement to already existing HIV/AIDS programs.



Johannesburg, South Africa



PUSH Persevere Until Something Happens



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