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Perspectives Center for Holistic Therapy

Tucker, GA, USA

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Perspectives Center for Holistic Therapy (Tucker, GA, USA)

Perspectives is a holistic therapy practice serving the whole person who exists in a complex system, through the utilization of a comprehensive approach.

Perspectives is founded on the premise that all human beings have an innate desire for balance, healing, and growth. How each  person perceives these concepts will be unique to you. We see each client as a whole person–mind, body, and spirit existing in a social context. We work to meet you where you are, and to help you meet your personal goals. We are here to partner with you on your journey. While life has the potential to be joyful and fulfilling, at times we all face challenges. This is part of the human condition and none of us is immune. While we may generally have the resilience to cope and to move through difficult experiences, there are those times when we become aware that additional support and resources may be helpful in navigating difficult circumstances, healing painful experiences from the past; or when we become aware of thoughts, feelings, or behaviors that we would like to address in order to live a richer life. Perspectives offers numerous constructive resources as well as providing a safe space to heal and grow. Clearly all clinicians and support options are not the same. If you are considering therapy, coaching, or mentoring you may not know what type of support would work best for you or what characteristics you are looking for in a clinician. At Perspectives all our therapists and graduate interns have solid foundations in traditional clinical work and education. Our clinicians are trained and certified their respective areas of expertise. Additionally, our commitment to excellence has resulted in our integration of progressive treatment modalities that are supported by current research. As dedicated clinicians at Perspectives we share many values and interests, yet we also each have additional areas of specialized training and expertise. This allows us to offer clients the most effective and individualized treatment options.



Tucker, GA, USA



Perspectives Holistic Therapy



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