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Pop-Up Pilates

Plymouth, England, United Kingdom

Partners P-T

Pop-Up Pilates (Plymouth, Eng, United Kingdom)

Pop Up Pilates teaches across the city of Plymouth, in the community, at clubs and corporately. Fun, informative sessions, mixed abilities with lots of progressions and modifications throughout. Technique is my focus and my community classes are intentionally small to enable me to offer corrections, support and advice.

Each classes choreography is different and is designed around class needs, choreography changes every school term.

Your first Pilates session may feel overwhelming, but within weeks it all comes together, you get that ‘penny dropped’ moment. It i an absolute game changer, you will not look back. It subtlet creeps up on you!

We all find Pilates when we’re broken .....then you become an advocate and you’ll regale your family and friends.

Pilates is the go-to exercise used by Physios and Sport Therapists and is suitable for anyone, regardless of fitness level, gender or age.

Pilates is a form of exercise which conditions the body, stretches and strengthens all the muscles giving your body a well-defined shape. It targets the deep stabilising muscles that are vital for good posture and health.

Pilates restores your body to balance.  The Pilates method concentrates the mind and encourages mindful breathing, increasing lung capacity and blood circulation. It improves bone density and promotes good joint mobility, ensuring that the muscles are in balance and therefore create harmony in the body.



Plymouth, England, United Kingdom



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