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Shanti Leprahilfe Dortmund E.V.V.

Kathmandu, Nepal

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Shanti Leprahilfe Dortmund E.V..V. (Kathmandu, Nepal)

Shanti is the Nepalese term for “peace” - and that is one of our most important goals. We want to help as many children and adults in need in Nepal – the disabled, the ill, and those neglected by society – regain their dignity. We achieve this by providing them with a roof over their heads, food, medical care and a meaningful place within human society that was previously denied them. Peace can only be attained in an environment of equality and cooperation.

Shanti Leprahilfe Dortmund e.V. is an organisation committed to realising this vision for leprosy sufferers and other handicapped people in Nepal. The Nepalese partner association in Kathmandu, Shanti Sewa Griha, is responsible for making this vision a reality in Nepal.

This work is done through a clinic that includes an integrated pharmacy and outpatient clinic, a food kitchen that uses products grown through its own organic cultivation and provides approximately 1,200 meals daily, a fountain with clean drinking water as well as various employment programmes for those who live at Shanti. It is also help to preserve and promote cultural techniques like Maitili painting and Dhaka weaving that are in danger of being lost.

Shanti was founded by Dortmund resident Marianne Großpietsch and can now look back on a history stretching back 20 years. On 15 July 2012, a large jubilee celebration took place in Dortmund for this occasion.

Shanti is currently active in three locations within Nepal: in Kathmandu-Tilganga, in Budhanilkhanta and in Sundarijal. Around 1,000 people here have been cared for or found a new home here.

Young people and adults in all age groups can donate their time and services as volunteers for several months.

The press archive provides a good overview of previous publications about Shanti.

Marianne Großpietsch personally prepares a newsletter three to four times a year informing current and previous donors about Shanti developments.

Shanti is the largest private German aid organisation in Nepal. It is financed exclusively by donations and the sale of products Shanti produces. Shanti has received various awards for its exemplary social and medical groundwork.



Kathmandu, Nepal



Shanti Leprahilfe



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