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Slow Coach

Sydney, Australia

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Slow Coach (Sydney, Australia)

Slow Coach is about life-giving conversations. It's about supporting people to learn and grow.  

Slow Coach helps people have life-giving conversations. Slow Coach is a nonprofit service created by Nickolas Yu, and it offers 3 programs:

  1. Epicorma - a program where participants learn skills that cultivate wellness, hope, resilience, and flourishing. Flourishing means different things to different people. One view is that flourishing is about living a happy, meaningful, and successful life in which we fulfil our potential. Topics include an overview of flourishing, along with specific topics on skills that can help people flourish eg goals, gratitude etc.
  2. Inner Coach - a program where participants learn coaching skills to achieve goals, learn, and grow. Coaching is a relationship that enables people to achieve goals, learn, and grow (Yu, Collins, Cavanagh, White & Fairbrother 2008). Topics include artful listening, skillful questioning, structuring a coaching conversation, solution-focused thinking, effective goal-setting, motivation and change. It is called Inner Coach because the idea is to coach from the 'inside-out.' That's why in this program we spend time learning to coach ourselves!
  3. Sankalpa - a program where participants learn and practise a range of awareness skills that cultivate mindfulness, clarity, kindness and relaxation. The word sankalpa is a yoga word that refers to a deep resolve or heartfelt intention. As we grow in awareness we gain greater clarity and motivation in discovering and living our sankalpa.


All 3 programs are informed by scientific research, sound theory, and years of successful application with many people.



Sydney, Australia



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