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Soul Strong Society

Melbourne, Australia

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Soul Strong Society (Melbourne, Australia)

Soul Strong Society is a wellbeing initiative based in South Australia.

The initiative is a response to the community and the needs of people. We are a small group of individuals working together with our communities on responsive projects and in a variety of disciplines. What unites us is our holistic approach to life and wellbeing, a respect for culture, and a healthy approach to questioning current practices which no longer serve people and society. In every corner of the world, crises in economies, environments and communities have shown us that we are not only free to imagine alternatives, but that, in fact, we are obligated to do so!

We have also seen that this transition need not be at the expense of quality of life but that as the United Nations ‘Report of the High-Level Meeting on Wellbeing and Happiness’ suggests, it is quite the contrary. Failing to make the transition from economies and ways of living that enslave people rather than empower them, and destroy environments rather than conserve them, will be a major sacrifice for humanity.

A holistic approach to development and life itself, is emerging. We understand more than ever before that human happiness comes from living life in harmony with the natural world, with our communities, and with our inner selves.

Soul Strong Society has been created to facilitate the sharing of knowledge and practice which can help us all – as individuals, as schools and communities, and as businesses- move forward towards a more peaceful and secure world.



Adelaide, Australia



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