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Street Factory Community Interest Company

Plymouth, DEV, United Kingdom

Partners P-T

Street Factory Community Interest Company (Plymouth, DEV, United Kingdom)

I am Toby G and I run a Hip hop Company, Street Factory, and Educational centre 10E, with my wife Jo. We work with young people with Complex Needs, who are mostly NEETS (not in Education/Employment or Training) with Little or No Aspiration, and families in Plymouth and we share a Strong passion for "Britain's Ocean City"

We give the young people a chance to reconnect with their community, unlock their individual potential, and change our societies stereotypical perceptions! All our staff and volunteers feel most fulfilled when they ensure that these young people, no matter their background or ability, have the chance to be the Best they can be, doing something they Love! A great deal of the young people we work with do not understand the importance of Education, so our 10E education system empowers them to build their aspiration, challenge their beliefs, and encourages them to turn their passions in life into a profession, giving Hope to those who openly feel disconnected from their Dreams.



Plymouth, Devon, United Kingdom



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