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Synergized Earth Network

Amsterdam, Netherlands

Partners P-T

Synergized Earth Network (Amsterdam, Netherlands)

Vision Co-creating conducive environments for lifelong learning across generations in all segments of society and spheres of life to cultivate  human qualities, the quality of life and our greatest potential to restore human-human and human-earth relationships.

Mission Synergizing intergenerational collaboration and existing capacities for sustainable change, governed by intentions and carried by an emergent leadership of values and ethics to bring about change in mindset in personal, interpersonal and societal spheres.


Philosophy & Core Values

SEN is a value-driven and commitment-based organization that emerged throughout the years by the founders and community members striving to live our core  values through developing, crystallizing and cultivating these values in every facet of their life journeys. 

Leadership of Values

Our philosophy is based on a living Leadership of Values that can be found in our first cornerstone, which we consider as 'the HEART'. It serves to remind ourselves and others who welcome this reminder - to guide, lead and safeguard SEN's vision, mission, core values, guiding principles and work ethics. Integrity, sincerity and the quality of our choices and actions, both internally and externally while operating in our daily lives, in our world of experiences and realities is at the centre of all we strive to deliver with our service.


Our primary core values and beliefs

Human dignity towards ourselves and others is at the centre of all we are, strive to be and do.

The quality of  our presence and our lives is governed by our intentions.  

Sustainable change can never be imposed or enforced upon. Change can only come from within ourselves, from within our communities and from within our institutions.


Core Values

Our philosophy is also based on SEN's core values that seek to safeguard and respect the choices and decisions each individual makes, thereby upholding the integrity and dignity of each and every person in their personal and professional lives.



Ruijsdaelstraat, The Hague, The Netherlands



Synergized Earth Network

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