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The Happy MD

Seattle, WA, USA

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The Happy MD (Seattle, WA, USA)

Dike Drummond MD is a Mayo trained Family Practice Physician with a unique combination of ground level experience in medicine, coaching and personal and business development.

Dike’s expertise in personal change was developed through a combination of 11 years as a family practice doctor and 10 years as a business coach working with physicians and startup entrepreneurs; he has also developed his own unique, interactive guided imagery practice.

“The burnout epidemic in physicians is a completely predictable result of their medical training and the generally accepted definition of “success” amongst doctors. AND it is both a preventable and treatable condition.”

“These days the physicians are often the canary in the coal mine of medicine and that has to change. The most successful healthcare organizations in the years ahead will be those who take excellent care of their providers and staff. These hospitals and groups will understand that physician satisfaction is the only true foundation for consistent patient satisfaction.”



Seattle, Washington, USA



The Happy MD

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