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The Trauma Recovery Blog

Wynndel, British Columbia, Canada

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The Trauma Recovery Blog (Wynndel, British Columbia, CANADA)

Currently, the work I'm doing is a volunteer effort. As a caution: I must suggest that trauma work requires facilitation with a qualified, clinical, helping professional. Self-help materials suggested on the website are excellent learning resources to help us better understand the mystery; minimize our fear; and reduce the internal stigma we may be feeling through our Post Traumatic Stress Injury experience.

With professional help and personal work combined: we can fully survive our personal traumas: and live again the full, rich, human life.

This effort is dedicated to the memories of Shannon Truscott; Marla Gregory; Clint Sorenson; Doug Austin. All angels who stood on my shoulder through recovery.

Also dedicated to: Soldier Greg Matters and his family. Rest in Peace, young man. Blessings and tears, for your family.

Post Traumatic Stress Injury Recovery Support British Columbia is honoured to be a Charter for Compassion, Health Care Partner.



Wynndel, British Columbia, Canada



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