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The Urban Pantry

Atlanta, GA, USA

Partners P-T

The Urban Pantry (Atlanta, GA, USA)

The Urban Pantry is a local food pantry that is dedicated to securing food for the unsheltered homeless population between meals and when finding food can be scarce. We provide nonperishable food items that require no refrigeration or preparation for consumption helping our neighbors without homes get from one meal to the next. We solicit and distribute food items such as granola bars, trail mix, bottles of water and fresh fruit. The Urban Pantry also distributes necessary items such as blankets, winter clothing and hygienic products.

One of the main objectives for The Urban Pantry is to end the social stigmas that are inflicted on the homeless population. We actively work to change the way people see and approach our homeless neighbors through education on the social issue at large, and training our volunteers in compassion and empathy.

The Urban Pantry believes that compassionate action accompanied with empathy is the best tool to combat extreme poverty and homelessness. We believe a compassionate approach without judgement or expectations, will actively work to restore the faith in humanity and hope that so many of our neighbors on the street have lost. Restoring faith in humanity will restore faith in oneself, creating a greater chance for our neighbors without homes to utilize the resources that are currently available.



Atlanta, GA, USA



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