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Uni-chi Holistic Therapies

London, United Kingdom

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Uni-chi Holistic Therapies (London, UK)

Uni-chi offers a professional holistic approach in massage therapy, in the City of London and surrounding areas.

Uni-chi literally means "One Energy" to symbolise how our environment, our bodies and our emotions are all connected.

Uni-chi is a holistic massage treatment service that is tailored to the individual to empower and enable you to "feel better, every day" by looking at your lifestyle, diet, work environment, home life, stress triggers and working with you on how to have more balance in your life, as well as stimulating all the systems in the body with massage to promote physical wellbeing by releasing toxins, relieving muscle tension and aiding circulation.

Taking the time to look after yourself, de-stress, relax and rejuvenate is vital to help maintain a busy lifestyle. 



London, United Kingdom