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United States Christian Leadership Organization (USCLO)

Mount Enterprise, TX, USA

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United States Christian Leadership Organization (USCLO) (Mount Enterprise, TX, USA)

The United States Christian Leadership Organization (USCLO) is a comprehensive Christian-based human rights organization dedicated to achieving racial equality through Christian proclamation and functionally applying it to our nation’s social structures and institutions. Our primary desire is to change hearts through penetrating discussion and analysis of historical data—religious, economic, sociological, and scientific—all processed through a Christian-based lens. These analyses then work to rebuild human relationship to serve as infrastructure to foster the development of greater human interaction from which to imagine new social structures and institutions that promote a more authentic repentance than what laws offer, since laws can require what the heart resists. Since changed hearts make many laws unnecessary, it is our contention there are enough laws written on the books, just not enough written on our hearts. Therefore, it is a changed heart that will ultimately bring equality—not laws—though laws may be needed in the interim to interrupt unwanted behavior and thwart the devastating effects of unchanged hearts.

We seek to promote this more authentic repentance through actions designed to promote love in the public square (Justice) and is rooted in making our religious compassion permanent through changing the hearts of humanity and the institutions they manage. These means are rooted in educational research and Christian proclamation as well as teaching communities and churches how to organize from the grassroots and advocate for issues that impact them. Some of these activities include truth and reconciliation commissions that document incidents of racial discrimination, national forums to promote courageous conversation and relationship building, and the strengthening of our churches to act in peaceful and loving coordination. These efforts are designed to increase the desire for all to share in God’s good resources from which new institutions will be imagined delivering those resources.

For those willing to join the new human rights movement of USCLO to heal the evil of racial discrimination, here are a few articles to get you up to speed on what we’re doing:

Forbes published two articles on our work so far:

This 2018 article features the HBCU Truth & Reconciliation Oral History Project

This 2019 article describes a discussion Duke University’s Fuqua School of Business, which you can watch here. 

The September, 2020 issue of Christianity Today includes this national profile on the origins of our work and the HBCU Oral History Project.

Rev. Steve Miller is an Ashoka Fellow and his international profile is available on the Ashoka web site here. Ashoka is the world’s leading organization for social entrepreneurs.



Mount Enterprise, TX, USA