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Vegan Friendly

Tel Aviv, Israel

Partners U-Z

Vegan Friendly (Tel Aviv, Israel)

"Vegan Friendly" is a project whose goal is to promote the vegan lifestyle in Israel. We are all working together in order to make the vegan lifestyle easier and more accessible in various areas of business such as restaurants, cafe's, wedding halls, hotels, clothing stores, cosmetic shops, and more. We are working to increase the awareness amongst business owners that vegan consumers are a very large audience with great potential for their businesses.

We are working to build a Vegan Friendly business index in the areas of food, fashion, cosmetics, and tourism.


Our goals are the following:

  • Increase the number of coffee houses, restaurants, and pubs throughout the country which offer vegan menus
  • Promote and increase the number of hotels and guest houses which are vegan friendly
  • Encourage different types of clothing chain stores to sell clothing and accessories which are not made from leather or fur
  • Support cosmetics and hygiene products which are not animal tested and which do not have animals as part of their ingredience



Tel Aviv, Israel