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VIP Leadership Systems

Beloit, WI, USA

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VIP Leadership Systems (Beloit, WI, USA)

VIP Dentists believe that every patient and every employee is entitled to receive the best treatment possible to ensure their well being. Our doctors know that every one deserves the best dentistry can offer and take professional responsibility to offer the best, most healthy & beautiful smiles to all their patients in their communities. Each VIP Leadership member participates in community giving programs such as the “Halloween Candy Buy-back” for children and schools to save children’s teeth from decay. 

The program also instills a sense of civic duty and community involvement by sending the collected candy to our troops. Another program called “Dentistry from the Heart” involves donating thousands of dollars in free dental care to those who would otherwise be unable to afford care at all. The services provided by "Dentistry From The Heart" helps more than a patient’s teeth, it gives them a renewed reason to smile.



Beloit, WI, USA



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