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Whole Again Communities

Penzance, United Kingdom

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Whole Again Communities (Penzance, United Kingdom)

Welcome to Whole Again Communities!

Our common purpose is compassion towards people and planet, through coming together to make healthy, low-cost foods using local-grown produce. We support community and environment, using sustainable methods, towards better health. We offer our participants training, volunteering and employment opportunities, which could be in supporting WAC Soups to become a sustainable, ethical soup company.

Liz Sullivan's inspiration for WAC comes from years of depending on delicious homemade soups, especially at times when she was living on a very low income. This allowed her to indulge in a passion for healthy food and a positive approach to life.

We have already inspired and supported enthusiastic residents to make great healthy food using local produce. We are training people to take this idea out to encourage healthy eating in other communities.

We rely on our team of dedicated volunteers who help with every step of our great vision, from baking bread to making soup they work tirelessly to promote healthy eating on a shoestring budget.

Our team has a passion for encouraging the people who come to us to produce cheap, locally sourced, healthy and balanced soups and breads and juices.



Penzance, Cornwall, United Kingdom



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