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Wind and Soul

Atlanta, GA, USA

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Wind and Soul (Atlanta, GA, USA)

We’re working hard to be the Southeast’s first ever fully sustainable eco-resort specializing in world class yoga and wellness retreats. Our vision is to create a sacred sanctuary in nature for yoga, meditation and mindfulness. Through this vision, we strive to support guests on their inward journey to restore and recharge for more meaningful and balanced living.

Our rotating seasonal menu will feature healthy, organic, chef-prepared foods largely sourced from our permaculture teaching garden. We employ local staff from our community. We care deeply for the environment and the preservation of the local landscape. As such, our physical space will be constructed utilizing only locally sourced, reclaimed and environmentally-friendly materials.

We are an aspiring public benefit corporation (B Corp), created with open-hearted love and conscious intention. We believe eco-tourism is better for the planet, better for you. 


Our Mission

To spread love and inspire awakening through the richness of the yoga practice. 


Our Services

  • Eco-friendly accommodations in a peaceful, natural setting
  • Yoga + wellness retreats, classes and workshops
  • Yoga teacher training
  • Seasonal, locally sourced, organic farm-to-table foods


What We Believe

We’re moving way too fast. We’ve gotten very far away from silence and stillness. It’s time to disconnect in order to reconnect more meaningfully.

Wind and Soul is a refuge in nature to embrace lighthearted introspection and self-discovery. A sacred sanctuary for busy people to slow down for more balanced living. We believe in the power of yoga to create community, to inspire personal growth and transformation, and to facilitate deep healing. Through conscious intention, we stand behind these guiding principles:

  • Love is the goal, compassion is the instrument
  • Care for the Earth, care for others, care for self and sharing the abundance
  • Connecting humans to nature, to one another
  • Promoting community and a more cooperative world


We strive to cultivate a slow living mindset, and want to support our guests on their inward journey to restore and recharge, to come back to their health, come back to themselves, to immerse more fully in the present.

May Wind and Soul be a place of peace, inspiration and soul comfort.



Atlanta, GA, USA