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Women's Climate Congress

Canberra, Australia

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Women's Climate Congress (Canberra, Australia)

The Women's Climate Congress is a network of women from all walks of life and political views. We have come together now because we cannot stay silent while the unfolding climate emergency threatens the future of our children and all life on Earth. We will work with open minds to inspire mediation and collaboration across political parties to overcome current roadblocks to a just and sustainable future.

We accept the scientific consensus expressed in the latest Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) reports and incorporated into the Paris Accord. As beneficiaries of the industrial age, we suspend judgment on the leadership decisions that have brought us here. Our mission is future-focused and will be a catalyst for united and creative change to restore climate balance and a renewed commitment to care for life on Earth.

We believe that it is time for women to lead the cultural change needed because their leadership style can help rebalance our currently stuck system towards compassion, inclusion and collaboration. To bring women’s voices to the fore, we will design processes that suit women’s schedules and ways of working together – through local groups, workshops and national congress as required. Through these gatherings, we will develop and model principles for the cultural shifts we seek to prioritise nurture of life and custodianship of the Earth in policy decisions. We will progressively promote these principles across all genders and parties to build trust that collaborative processes can serve the common good, and allow mediation of currently blocked policy pathways.



Canberra, Australia



Women's Congress