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YOMAD (Young, Ordinary, and Making A Difference)

London, KEN, United Kingdom

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YOMAD (Young, Ordinary, and Making A Difference) (London, KEN, United Kingdom)

YO! Do you think the world’s going MAD?
Young, Ordinary and Making A Difference!

You don’t have to be Extra-Ordinary to Change the World!

YOMAD! is a global network of Young Ordinary people who want to Make A difference in a MAD world!


YOMAD! was inspired by a group of ordinary young people from Cornwall, England, who want to help make positive change in themselves, their local communities, and the wider world.

They and their YOMAD! contemporaries have created links with others who are also MAD about the state of the world, and are making change, or would like to. Wherever you are in the world, and whatever you’re doing towards positive change, whether it’s in yourself, your family, your local or global community, if you’re Young, Ordinary and M A D, we'd love to hear from you!

Please tell us what you’re doing to Make A Difference, and why. (It doesn’t have to be anything big). Or why you’d like to. Add your voice to ours. When people come together for the right reasons, magic happens!

Visit our Facebook page at and if you like it, please like it!

We are thrilled to have made many friends and to be constantly learning about, and from, our peers in different parts of the world, raising awareness of the fantastic efforts of Young, Ordinary people Making A Difference, and demonstrating to others that we can all be M A D (Making A Difference) in our own way.

Please keep an eye out for our YOMAD! projects, and help us to help other young people like us to help our communities - Locally and Globally!



London, KEN, United Kingdom



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