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Marietta, GA, USA

Partners U-Z (Marietta, GA, USA)

Donald's initial intention was to write one book, The Zen of Abundance, about how to create abundance in all aspects of your life, however he realized that for most people the financial and relationship aspects are so crucial and complex that they each deserve a separate book. Due to many people losing their jobs and homes now due to the 2008 and continuing economic meltdown he first completed The Zen of Personal Finance. His other two books are 90% complete and he expects to finish and release them in early 2014. You will discover that all of these books are interrelated; for example if someone wishes to be prosperous in business they will likely need to be excellent in starting, building and even ending some relationships gracefully and lovingly.

We are living in times of historic changes on this planet that create huge challenges and opportunities for us individually and collectively. Gregg Braden in his brilliant book Fractal Time, explains why the era we are now entering will likely produce more changes and opportunities than we have seen in the past 26,000 years.

These changes are “bottom up” changes that we will create on an individual and collective basis; they will be unprecedented in scope and nature and will affect every person and institution; religions, businesses, nonprofits, government units including education, military, and prisons. We as humans as well as the earth have gone through so much pain and difficulty that we must make radical changes to avoid repeating past patterns which have caused so many unnecessary problems, traumas and deaths including serious damage to our precious planet. We’re being called to heal our past traumas, let go of our limiting and conflicting beliefs, and help each other more. Choosing to do little or nothing may make it literally unbearable to live on this earth. If you want to transform, flow and progress with these changes, it’s crucial to heal and resolve your emotional and physical baggage from this life as well as ancestral and past life issues held in out DNA.



Marietta, GA, USA