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Race2Dinner Connect is an unconventional network of women and non-binary folx gathering together to discuss race with honesty and vulnerability. We believe we can create positive change through unity and collective work and we recognize that we are stronger when we come together. Our hypothesis is that when white women choose their gender over whiteness, not only the patriarchy, but also systems of white supremacy will fall.

So why here? Why now?

Social media - Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and more - are great at introductions. What they are not so good at is building connection & community. We are building community OUTSIDE of the prying eyes of Facebook, the trolls of Twitter and the feigned perfection of Instagram.

This community - our community - will talk boldy and with radical honesty about race and racism. We won't shy away from the tough conversations and we won't worry about making mistakes and screen shot 'receipts'. 

The purpose of this community is to create a brave space for all - free of shame and guilt and full of honesty and integrity - creating healthy discussions that favor nuance, recognize mistakes will happen, and allow for growth and reconciliation.

What we talk about, think about, are about.


A world free of white supremacy, caste, patriarchy, misogyny, all the isms, all the phobias and hate. A world where all human beings have value, dignity, respect and all the things we need to live how we choose.



Initiating radically honest conversations that enable each of us to acknowledge, understand, and take personal responsibility for stopping the harm done to ourselves -- and each other. Conversations that acknowledge how we are complicit in creating, enabling and engaging in oppression. Conversations that can lead to liberation for all of us. In a white supremacy culture, those conversations necessarily center the dismantling of whiteness and white supremacy.


​Core Values

  • Radical Honesty: We practice revolutionary, uncompromising truth-telling.
  • Transparency: We are open about our successes and our failures, our ah-ha and our uh-oh moments, our "I understands' and our 'I still don't get its.'
  • Relationship: We believe in the humanity of all people and we will endeavor to genuinely understand the underlying meaning of others' thoughts and actions. We engage fully and openly, building bonds and creating strong foundations.
  • Accountability: We will all make mistakes. We reject guilt and shame and we endeavor to walk with people from mistake through reconciliation.
  • Authenticity: We value our differences and vow to always show up as our true selves. We are genuine, living in our truest form, and we communicate openly to strip down layers and build strong, trusting relationships.
  • Transformation: We reject the lies of white supremacy culture and we work towards being the fully liberated people we were meant to be.
  • Ownership: We take responsibility for our thoughts and our actions - as well as for our personal transformation.
  • Humility: We know we do not have all the answers. We remain open to learning (from others and from our mistakes), being corrected, and moving forward with grace.
  • Trust: We build trust through radically honest, candid discussions. We trust in ourselves, we trust in each other, and we trust in our mission.
  • Integrity: We strive to do the right thing always. We act truthfully and honorably, we are unafraid in being our true self. And we will do it all even when no one is watching.

Join the Network.



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