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Affirmed Cities

Austin, TX, USA


Austin exemplifies and champions compassion, creating a livable, vibrant, inclusive, and caring community in which ALL may thrive.



Everyone in Austin will become aware and conscious of the importance of compassion (caring for others, self, and the Earth) and will strengthen compassion skills, practice, action, and accountability to meet needs.



Through the Compassionate Austin movement we will highlight and support each other, broaden our compassion awareness and intention, collaborate, forge new relationships, strengthen compassion skills and activities to identify and meet community needs, and increase engagement of people throughout Austin and vicinity in compassionate action.


Core Values

As a member of the Compassionate Communities campaign, Compassionate Austin has an inherent set of core values expressed in the Charter for Compassion.

As an Austin based movement and in recognition of Leadership Austin‘s example for our community, Compassionate Austin also affirms and supports the core values stated on the Leadership Austin website.


Important Links

Compassionate Austin Site
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